European Certification Board•Physical Security – European Certification Board•Security Devices: independent and neutral

The certification boards are steering committees. They shall ensure the independence and neutrality of European Certification Body (ECB)

Fields of activity

  • The European Certification Board•Physical Security deals with issues relating to burglary resistance, fire resistance and high security locks
  • The European Certification Board•Security Devices deals with issues relating to burglar-resistant construction products.


The certification boards are composed of an balanced representation of experts from insurers, users and manufacturers of the security industry (security technology, protection against fire and burglary) as well as the management of European Certification Body.


  • Monitoring of the neutrality of the certification body
  • Monitoring of the product certifications and external quality surveillance audits taking into account the DAkkS guidelines/approvals
  • Participation in decisions on the admission and cooperation with the recognized bodies
  • Election of the chairperson