We are manufacturer and would like to have our products certified. How does the certification process work?

The process of certification is described under Certification Process. For detailed questions, feel free to call us.

What are the costs for a certificate?

The current scale of fees are available under Documents.

Is the European Certification Body GmbH accredited?

European Certification Body is a neutral certification body and is accredited by the German accreditation body DAkkS according to the International Standard ISO/IEC 17065.

Do I have to be an ESSA member to become an ECBS certificate holder?

The ECBS certification is based on independent type testing, auditing, evaluation, assessment and certification. This is independent of the ESSA membership and thus not bound to it.

Does European Certification Body GmbH use East European laboratories for burglary testing?


How do I find out the certificate holder of my safe?

If an ECBS or FuP certification mark is attached to the inside of the safe door, you can send us a photo of the certification mark and the safe from the outside to certification@ecb-s.com. All information on the certification mark should be legible. Based on the information on the certification mark, we can identify the certificate holder and give you the contact details in order for you to contact him.

Where can I get a new key or spare key for my safe?

We do not offer replacement keys. Please contact the certificate holder. (see question "How do I find out the certificate holder of my safe?")

I cannot open my safe anymore. What now?

As part of the certification, we will check, among other things, whether a safe cannot be opened by simple "tricks". Opening a safe is therefore associated with some effort. It is best to contact the certificate holder of the safe (see question "How do I find out the certificate holder of my safe?") or a service technician familiar with the safe.

I already have an uncertified safe. Can I apply for a post-certification?

Burglary and fire certifications are based on a destructive test. A post-certification therefore leads to the destruction of the safe, which makes it impossible to subsequently certify it.

Up to what value is my safe insured?

Under insurance amounts you will find a clear table, listing the "usual" insurance amounts in Germany and in Europe. However, this table is only a rough non-binding guideline. Every insurance has its own values ​​here, therefore please ask your insurance company for the correct insurance amount.

How heavy is my safe?

The net weight of the safe is engraved on the blue ECBS certification mark inside the door. However, by built-in compartments or similar the actual gross weight may be slightly higher.

I entered my code wrong three times, can the safe still be opened?

Don't worry. After three or five attempts, the safe will be blocked for a certain period of time ("penalty time "), but after 30 minutes at the latest, a code can be entered again. If you enter the wrong code again, you can wait another 30 minutes. If you have completely forgotten your code => " I cannot open my safe anymore. What now?"

The LED on my lock is flashing.

The two most common reasons for this are that either a penalty time is activated (=>I entered my code wrong three times, can the safe still be opened?) or that your battery is as good as empty. In such a case, an immediate battery change is recommended. Depending on the electronic lock, there may also be another reason. Please check the operating instructions of the lock.

What is the difference between a safe and a secure safe cabinet?

Safes are tested according to EN 1143-1, secure safe cabinets/secure cabinets, on the other hand, are tested according to another European standard, EN 14450, and are classified below safes in terms of security. While the "standard test" for safes includes attacks with hand tools, electrical tools and thermal tools, secure safe cabinets mainly inhibit attacks with hand tools.

Has your question not been answered by our FAQs yet?

Just call us or send us an e-mail with your request to certification@ecb-s.com.